Antenatal and Post natal Clinics

We provide pre-birth and after birth care for expectant mothers. We train mothers on  healthy and safe pre pregnancy, during delivery and after delivery. These clinics fix regular schedules with the Consultant Gynecologist and educate the mothers about pregnancy complications and guarantee safe delivery of their babies.

Normal or Vaginal Delivery

A baby born by natural method through vagina is referred as Normal or Vaginal Delivery. The risks are less through this method and the patient requires 2-5 days of hospital stay.

Caesarian Section

This is the delivery of a baby by surgical intervention. In most cases the C-section planned in advance due to various medical problems such as twin conception, having fibroids in the uterus, abnormalities of the child, any surgeries undergone before, breech position, if the baby is too large among other specific indications.