This is used to obtain pictures of the organs present in the abdomen, heart, arteries and veins. It makes use of sound waves to visualize the images and it is mainly used to scan the fetus in women. It is usually requested by the attending clinician.


This is a breast imaging technique mainly used for cancer screening. It a non – invasive process which use low dose of ionizing radiation to scan the breast.

General X-Ray

This is mostly used to see the fractures on the bones but it can also detect pneumonia by taking chest X-rays.

Barium meal and swallow

This is a specialized procedure used to diagnose the disease and disorders of the upper parts of the gut especially Esophagus, stomach and the small intestines.

Barium enema

This is a procedure that is used to see the problems in the lower intestinal tract. The barium solution is dispensed into the rectum through the enema process and the images are taken.

Dental X-Ray and OPG

This is mainly used to look at the problems in the lower and upper Jaw consisting of teeth. The X-ray is different from the normal one as it provides wider view of the target. It also helps in viewing the Jaw bone and its problems. It helps the dentist to plan the Orthodontic management especially for wisdom teeth and for other teeth’s and bones.

CT Scan